There are no second chances when restoring an historic property

Randy Rost brings 35-years of experience analyzing and determining what your property can become within your vision and budget.  Whether it's your dream home, first home, weekend retreat or commercial development, Randy's expertise can work for you. Consultation can range from a few upfront meetings to complete involvement throughout the process.

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Randy Rost’s Seven Step Plan to Successful Restorations

  1. Analyze and determine if the property is a candidate for restoration.
  2. Establish a vision and priorities.
  3. Work up a detailed plan.
  4. Establish a budget based upon the plan and rework the plan if needed.
  5. Work with an architect and contractors to implement the plan.
  6. Stay involved throughout the design and construction process.
  7. Wrap it up with final review and acceptance of work, and meeting with architect, contractors, and code officials relative to compliance with expectations, codes, and regulations.


  • Real Estate Broker, State of Texas.
  • Licensed Professional Engineer, State of Texas.
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA), The University of Texas @ Austin.
  • Bachelor of  Science in Engineering (BSE), Duke University.
  • 35 years of experience in real estate, construction, engineering, and project management.