Restoration Consulting Services

As a consultant and advisor my objective is to assist you in analyzing and determining what your property can become within your vision and budget.  This can range from a few upfront meetings to complete involvement throughout the process.  Representative properties have been large and small, and both residential and commercial.

  • Evaluation of property, either owned or prior to acquisition, to help determine restoration feasibility.
  • Listen to owner vision and help establish options and ideas for cost effective renovations and restorations.
  • Provide guidance before and during construction on both design options and construction alternatives.
  • Provide ideas for sourcing materials.
  • Explore green building options, including energy efficiency and reuse of materials.
  • Act as a sounding board for client ideas to help determine and address possible difficulties prior to construction.
  • Develop a plan for either immediate restoration or in intervals over time.
  • Establish a realistic budget.
  • Help create a vision for what the property will become, while staying on budget.
  • Provide decorating ideas in conjunction with PBS host Christy Rost.